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Travel Agency

We are a group of creative, dynamic people, who joined together with the idea of offering something more to all the people that not only want to have a good time, but also seek, inquire, search and wonder about the big questions of life.

Our interests and fields of acivities range from tourism, ecology and education in preslavic literature, vedic philosophy and all the knowledge from the east. We include youth in our programs and offer them help in presenting their projects.

For the road we organize very special tours around Europe and Asia, arrange unique accomodations and provide you guidance that can answer all your needs and questions. In that manner, while creating programs we always ask ourselves of our needs and requirements, and that’s exactly what we want to offer to you. We invite you to join us on our journey of discovering new places with new dimensions that will leave a positive impact in your daily life forever.

                                                                                                        Happy to be in your service

What brings us together:

1) professional experience in tourism and education;

2) respect for spiritual and human values.




  •    seminars, workshops , hypnotherapy;
  •    yoga camps (retreats) , visits to various spiritual festivals at home and abroad;
  •    trips and excursions to monasteries, churches, temples and similar places of religious
    worship in conjunction with tourist arrangements;
  •    trips to the self-sufficient farms, ecologically and spiritually oriented, at home and abroad.


The Association of Travel for the soul organize work with young people who are into the inclusion of voluntary work to help in the development of practical skills and experience.

We operate across the whole of Slovenia , with the centre of Ljubljana.


Basic information about the association

Headquarters: Cesta v polico 31, SI – 4207 Cerklje , Slovenia

Telephone: 00 386 41 203 865 , 00386760050

E -mail address : info@zaduso.si

Bank account: SI56 0316 0100 1038 906 (open in SKB); SWIFT: SKBASI2X

The Bodies of Association are:

Supervisory Board: Tomaž Humar, Primož Siter in Lija Vidmar.

Management Board: President: Borut Vidmar

Secretary General: Diana Cimprič

Vice President: Tibor Hercigonja

President of the association: Borut Vidmar

Treasurer: authorized external accounting firm

Disciplinary commission: Mitja Bitenc, Dejan Žuna, Nataša Petavs


Kind regards,



Legal documents in Slovenian:

Constitution of the Association.

Business license for organizing the travel arrangements

Business license for selling of the travel arrangements

GENERAL BUSINESS TERMS Travel for the Soul_may 2013

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